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Using the Resource

The greatest privilege in The Boys' Brigade is the opportunity to share Jesus with children and young people week by week.  Through words and actions, we sow the seeds and we pray expectantly that God would work through us to 'Advance His Kingdom'.

This new Scripture programme for Anchors and Junior Section is a framework to aid Bible teaching in our Boys’ Brigade Companies.  Our theme for 22/23 is Fruit of the Spirit. Each session contains a selection of pdf resources which can be downloaded from this website and printed for use in your Company.

We anticipate that each Company will use the resources differently, depending on the skills of its leaders.  It is not designed to be a formal syllabus that must be followed rigidly but instead, a framework where you can pick the elements you need and add others as required.

What's Included

Please scroll down to download sessions 1 - 10 from our Fruit of the Spirit Bible teaching resource.  The following section thereafter contains the associated games, activities, crafts, ideas for learning a memory verse, the Fruit of the Spirit song vocal/instrumental tracks and the piano sheet music and words. 

Before you begin please check out our Leader's Devotion,  'I Choose' by Max Lucado.  Click on the button below.  Spend some time preparing yourself to bring the word to our children and young people.   

Additional Resources

Please find a selection of added extras that you can use - crafts, activities, games, ideas for learning memory verses and the
Fruit of the Spirit Song.  


FOS 1 Games


FOS 2 Activities


FOS 3 Craft


FOS 4 Learning Verses




Session 3 Pictures

Please share your stories from doing the Fruit of the Spirit Bible teaching course

We would love to hear and  see how you are getting on with this course.  Please share your thoughts with us.  Either use the form below or email us.   Please share your crafts and pics fo the games and activities that you do on your social media and tag us @boysbrigadeni.  

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Your Feedback

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. 

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